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Texas XIX Board of Directors for 2016/17

President:    Perry Swiney                                                                      Vice President:    Fred R Hanauer III
Secretary:    Dennis Monk                                                                                    Treasurer:    Dale Reynolds

Board Members:  Jimmy Carpenter  Russ Franklin  Stenson Terry            
Webmaster:        Dale Reynolds
Quartermaster:    Russ Franklin
                                                                             Road Captain:     Tom Lee

Past President:   
Tim Pruitt
Charter Members:

Ken Dollinger

CarltonPoo Bear” Manzer

Stephen Perricone

Tim Pruitt

Billy Rhea

Tommy Smith

Perry Swiney

Johnny Westbrook

Texas XIX is selling Retired Officer Patches & Blue Knight Motor Officer Wings.
Wings are Available in Silver & Gold
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If you feel you qualify and would like to join, contact the web master and
An application for membership may be downloaded at


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