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Texas XIX Calendar:

February 9, 2016                                      "Chapter Meeting"                                         Orange, TX
  Our Chapter Meeting will be held at
Robert's Meat Market & Steakhouse at 73720 W Park Ave, Orange, TX.

February, 20, 2016             "Blue Knights Texas XXI Charity Fundraiser Cruise"         Galveston, TX
  The Texas XXI Charity Cruise will depart on February 20th from Galveston.

April, 14-17, 2016                                  "Rio Grande Conference 2016"                           Galveston, TX
  The Rio Grande Conference for 2016 will be in Galveston, Texas at the Victorian Inn.

June 17 - 24, 2016                               "Blue Knights International Convention"                Hershey, PA
Blue Knights International Convention will he in Hershey, PA.

2017                                      "Rio Grande Conference 2017"                                    San Antonio, TX
  The Rio Grande Conference for 2017 will be in San Antonio, Texas.

Texas XIX is selling Retired Officer Patches & Blue Knight Motor Officer Wings.   
Wings are Available in Silver & Gold 
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If you feel you qualify and would like to join, contact the web master and,
An application for membership may be downloaded at

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